NWoW, Agile workforce

You want to have more flexible, autonomous and responsible workforce ?
You want to develop more attractive work environment ?
You want to deploy teleworking and digital collaboration ?

This can represent the needed evolution of your company BUT also a huge cultural change.
Integrating facilitation, training and coaching techniques,  we support you in this extraordinary journey to a New World of Work.




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Organizational Performance Improvement

Finding the right balance between your collaborators well-being and business constraints  to improfe your organizational performance seems to be a real challenge ?

PITCH, an innovative tool analyzing the contribution of the collaborators to the organizational performance, is designed to identify the actions to deploy leading to an improvement of your staff engagement while increasing their well-being at work.

Discover this innovative global approach starting by a diagnostic and leading to a pragmatic action plan to improve your performance on a sustainable way.

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Deployment and Management of Change

You feel stuck in changes occurring one after the other and delivering poor results regarding expected ones?

You are facing a change while living generally in a quite stable environment?

Integrating and levering experiences on people, processes and project management, we offer support from defining the change strategy to change deployment, increasing chance to deliver expected  results.





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Grow and Transform your Business

You would like to improve the way you define and deploy your strategy ?

You would like to improve your governance, including decision making process, project portfolio management and operational processes?

You would like to improve the maturity of your organization regarding i.e. project management, processes management, leadership?

We offer a complete suite of services from the definition of your strategy to management of your operations.




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Alignment of Individual and Organizational Needs

Some of your collaborators seems to be demotivated ? Some don't take their responsibilities where others take decisions outside of their responsibilities?

Some poeple needs to spend a lot of energy and time to get teh needed information to do their job ?

These are some symptoms of possible problem of alignment between individual and organizationnal needs.

Using the BioSystemic, we propose you some improvements at organizational level leading in an increase of performance while allowing your staffto deploy their talent and feeling better at work.

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Reveal and deploy the talent of your collaborators in a sustainable way by increasing their autonomy and engagement.

Individual or team coaching by professional business coaches, the power of empowerment.

FortySix Coaching


Facilitate Emergence of Human Potential

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